AI – The 58 billion dollar market

Artificial intelligence is the real hotspot in the global microprocessor market. ­­In particular, the rapid development of advanced AI applications for vehicles, telecoms and safety are important driving forces. They are signified by high technical requirements and demands on profitability.

Growth globally is very strong. The market for AI processors is expected to increase to nearly 58 billion US dollar from today’s 7.6 billion until 2025.

As the market develops, it becomes clear that the needs for differentiated microprocessor solutions vary greatly.

Imsys has concluded that the ability to differentiate the technology will be an important competitive factor. This applies in particular to the possibility of being flexible in the integration between the processor and the program environment chosen by the customer.

High energy efficiency is central to all mobile applications with a need for high computing power.


The first products in the IM-AI series are all based on the Alice technology and on experiences from collaborations with different customers since 2018. The product range includes three different solutions for AI:

  • IM-AI-10 Smart Sensor
  • IM-AI-20 Automotive
  • IM-AI-30 Training

The IM-AI series is a product range, based on Imsys’ system architecture and Alice technology. It is aimed at AI applications primarily in the automotive industry. With the new product range, Imsys addresses the most significant part of a rapidly growing market for microprocessors in AI. 

To gain more insight on Alice technology,  read more here

All three products have a specific microprocessor and tailor-made software stack with open source integration options. They have customized development tools creating maximum flexibility for customer choice of application platform.

IM-AI-10 Smart Sensor will be launched during the first quarter of 2022. IM-AI-20 Automotive and IM-AI Training are scheduled for launching during 2022.  

Summary description of the AI product range

IM-AI-10 Smart Sensor – offers solutions for independent smart sensors with applications in vision, radar and image analysis. The product is focused on the automotive market and meets industry standards. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware.

IM-AI-20 Automotive – offers solutions for an AI central unit with several different sensor applications. The product is aimed at the automotive market and various AI solutions for mobile products. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware.

IM-AI-30 Training Network – offers solutions for an AI central unit for the training of neural networks where data is retrieved from sensors in vision and radar. The product is focused on high performance centers (HPC) and telecommunications applications. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware.