Velox is Imsys’ smallest and most cost-efficient hardware module. Featuring the latest version of our lean processor technology, it’s an ideal solution for OEMs looking for a powerful computer-on-module to minimize time to revenue.

Based on Imsys’ SNAP platform, Velox allows Java applications to run natively on the processor without slow Java byte code interpretation or costly special compilers. Additionally, firmware and application software can be uploaded and managed through the network connection, including remote software upgrades.

The Velox module contains a full TCP/IP stack, CLDC environment, Web/FTP/Telnet servers, device drivers for various I/O interfaces and an easy to use command line interface. It also comes standard with the Rubus™ real-time operating system, which has been proven in safety-critical applications and provides a fail-safe flash file system with wear leveling and power-fail recovery.

The embedded real-time Java environment of Velox greatly accelerates development and eases deployment, meaning the module can be used for an array of applications that include:

  • Internet of Things
  • Ethernet or wireless
  • Java-embedded applications
  • Building and factory automation
  • Retail automation
  • Graphical operator panels
  • Security and video surveillance
  • Robotics and sensors
  • Remote device management
  • M2M/Telematics clients