The new products in the IM-1000 series are all based on Imsys´ unique systems architecture and innovation. The product range takes advantage of our experiences from previous products in the series and from collaborations with a multitude of customers since the beginning of the 2000s.

The IM-1000 series is the basis for Imsys´ product program for IoT. It is based on the company’s unique proprietary system architecture and proven microprocessor design. With the new product range, Imsys addresses fast growing market of industrial application. 

The IM series offers complete microcontrollers, MCUs. All products in the Imsys IM series have a micro controller with in-house developed software based on open source that is easily adapted to many different computer languages ​​and provides support for automated application development. They have specialized development tools, which creates maximum flexibility for integrating the customer’s applications.

The large number of IoT devices with different types of functions that are controlled via the IP network means that the scalability of the computer systems has become a major challenge. Imsys handles this by both supporting local intelligence in individual IoT devices and with more efficient direct control of the IoT device through the computer system.

The product range includes three different solutions for IoT:

  • IM4000 IoT Engine
  • IM5000 IoT Intelligent Sensor
  • IM6000 IoT Gateway


IM4000 IoT Engine – offers a proven microprocessor with control unit for connected sensors in industrial IoT applications and controller for embedded systems. IM4000 has newly developed software based on open source that increases the potential market manifold. The product is focused on industrial applications and meets industry standards. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware. IM4000 IoT Engine is a further development of IM3000.

IM5000 IoT Intelligent Sensor – offers solutions for advanced sensors and for multiple sensors within IoT. IM5000 has a newly developed software based on open source and will have an expanded dual-core system architecture and function accelerators that allow more advanced solutions for embedded systems. The product is aimed at the industrial market and IoT solutions for mobile applications. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware.

IM6000 IoT Gateway – offers solutions for digital IoT devices. A cluster of dual-core processors processes data from several different sources in parallel. The software is based on open source and is expanded with functions for parallel programming. It will thereby have increased capacity for processing signals from sensors in vision and radar. The product is intended for central units and advanced sensor systems and will have extended safety functions and functional safety. The solution contains software, development tools and hardware.