Imsys’ third-generation IM3000 is a reliable and reconfigurable processor built with efficiency in mind. It ensures extremely low power consumption, with 10x times the efficiency of previous generations and a sustained throughput of 83 Mbyte/s. It is therefore an ideal choice for critical operations in battery-powered devices.

Used for embedded applications, IM3000 is a runtime reconfigurable CISC processor featuring native Java byte code execution as well as C/assembler support. It offers efficient communication with external hardware thanks to a high-speed 8-bit I/O bus with hardware DMA and several configurable programmable I/O ports. Internal resources for stacks and temporary data further allow for speedy execution of data-intensive operations in parallel to execution of program code from SDRAM memory.

Thanks to Imsys’ micro programmable functionality, the IM3000 architecture outperforms typical RISC processors in situations where minimal memory size, component count, and power consumption is a must. IM3000 is also Java enabled and provides remote management capabilities and support for various user interfaces.

The combined result of these features is high-speed processing with a moderate clock speed and reduced hardware complexity. This, in turn, minimizes the processor’s energy demands. The flexible, soft-reconfigurable design also means that IM3000 is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries:

Embedded controllers using internet and Java

  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Medical applications
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Industrial automation
  • Retail automation
  • Telecom clients