A chip to build a
dream on.

We are here to take the world of AI forward. ­­Our microprocessors are recyclable, highly effective and emit less heat. What´s your dream?

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Save energy

We offer long-term engagement with our customized high-quality technology to provide basis for you and your customers’ success. Imsys makes dreams come true.

Jonas Wærn, CEO

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The only chip you need

To help your dreams come true over and over, Imsys’ chips are recyclable and flexible. Our processors are built to handle massive calculations in no time. They are based on our unique micro programmable processor design that enables multi-functions in one device.

Customized for you

Artificial intelligence

Empowering AI

We believe AI will make the world a better place for mankind. The artificial brain supporting the natural brain. AI will make traffic and transport safer, faster and cleaner. AI will accelerate progress in medicine and security. AI will promote digitization and electrification. And beyond. And AI will bring a world of value and transform society.

If you are in the AI industry, we want to be your partner no matter where you´re going.

The road to future

The automotive industry is calling for AI. We support them. Imsys´ chips are built to handle massive computation needs without latency – execution in real time. We call that AI proven. 

That´s why the Imsys technology is suitable for the automotive industry in particular. 

Our processors are known for low energy consumption, high efficiency and low heat emission. Imsys´ AI solutions offers flexibility with future-proof compatibility. This is why our solutions enable sustainable use of AI in automotive.

Not just tomorrow, but today.


A really cool thing

Our technology is the result of 40 years of creative teamwork. Typical Swedish! Our chips differ from most others. They require less power due to the design and so they emit less heat. That’s pretty cool. And they are recyclable thanks to unique flexibility. Sustainability is an integral part of Imsys´ Scandinavian legacy. That’s why our solutions look the way they do.
Let´s save energy together!

Our history

Invented in Sweden

Imsys comes from Stockholm, the tech capital of Northern Europe. A pioneer in microprocessor design for over forty years. Today, our focus is to take the world of artificial intelligence forward and enable innovators to realize their dreams.

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Our History

Scandinavian design

You have probably heard of Scandinavian design. We are a proud part of that tradition: minimal and clean approach that combines functionality with cool beauty. Nothing superfluous. Like the node in our logotype. Cars, airplanes and sofas from Volvo, Saab and Ikea share the same legacy. And so does todays´ tech inventions Skype, Spotify and Mojang – unicorns that all come from Stockholm, Sweden. And so do we. Can a microprocessor solution be beautiful? We think so.

Stockholm – The Unicorn Factory