We are here to take the world of AI forward.
Imsys´ mission is to make it possible for innovators to realize their dreams. We want to be part of building a world where artificial intelligence helps us humans take the step into a better future.
Our microprocessors are highly effective, they´re flexible and use extremely little energy. They are rechargeable and emit less heat and especially useful in the automotive industry and self-driving vehicles. Cool chips for a hot market.

Swedish-based Imsys was founded in 1981. The company develops, designs, and sells a proprietary flexible microprocessor. Historically it has been used for highly specialized applications. This has changed drastically in recent years and now the customers are in AI and are active in image recognition, car security solutions, security solutions for locks and computer halls, but also mobile (5G), medical image analysis, blockchain solutions, dynamic pricing and applications that require massive computational work.

Imsys´ shares are listed on NGM Nordic SME market, since December 2020.

Imsys has been a pioneer in designing microprocessors. The legacy is to create efficient products with limited resources. Imsys´ founder Stefan Blixt has a lifelong passion in creating smart design solutions for microprocessors. He turned 80 and is very active in contributing know-how and innovation in the development process.

In the 1990s, Imsys played a key role in the development of a novel laser printer technology. Imsys´ solution contributed a novel design of microprocessor bringing increased functionality without any additional cost. Java programming language opened up a universe of opportunities for development of embedded systems. Since then, Imsys has been committed to deliver efficient and versatile products for Java based systems. After 2010, two huge markets have emerged. First Internet of Things, IoT, with network connections to useful devices. Secondly in 2015, the empowering of smart functions through artificial intelligence, AI.

Imsys has since presented its Alice technology. It is fit to meet complex challenges both from IoT and AI. The Alice technology addresses demands of massive computing power and supreme energy efficiency. A novel software stack provides flexibility to Imsys´ hardware and easy integration to customer applications.

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