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We develop microprocessors for sustainable use of AI. Our chips are highly effective, they’re flexible and use extremely little electricity.
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Product program for IoT

The new products in the IM-1000 series are all based on Imsys´ unique systems architecture and innovation. The product range takes advantage of our experiences from previous products in the series and from collaborations with a multitude of customers since the beginning of the 2000s.

Our product program for IoT

Product program for AI

The IM-AI series is a product range, based on Imsys’ system architecture and Alice technology. It is aimed at AI applications primarily in the automotive industry. With the new product range, Imsys addresses the most significant part of a rapidly growing market for microprocessors in AI. 

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Imsys offers a number of products, all based on our micro processor that enables multi-functions in one device. From processor components and complete modules to development kits and IP cores, we can support a wide range of applications and needs.

Processor component products

Multi purpose modules

Discover EMBLA, our revolutionary new multipurpose display module and IoT development platform, along with a number of other efficient and flexible multipurpose modules.

Multi purpose modules

Other Components

Imsys´ processors are specially developed to provide value-adding performance in a wide range of target applications, while limiting resource consumption and waste. They are a unique solution for cost-effective flexibility and maximum energy efficiency.