Imsys EMBLA is a multipurpose, touchscreen-display module and development platform for the Internet of Things. The EMBLA module is capable of generating high-bandwidth graphics and high-quality stereo audio, and it has been optimized for development with machine-independent Java code or C.

EMBLA is highly flexible and offers benefits in a wide range of industrial uses as well as in battery-powered IoT applications. It can also perform optimized signal processing and secure communication work in the background.

Using Imsys’ micro programmable functionality, EMBLA can be easily tailored to fit application-specific needs. You can develop your application on your own, using the production-ready reference design for initial production, or Imsys can support you with our dedicated software team.

EMBLA enables full freedom for graphics and imaging, regardless of resolution or aspect ratio. It allows for smooth scrolling and zooming through a multi-point capacitive touch panel that can also play video clips. The module comes standard with remote firmware management, possibilities for optimized crypto and DSP algorithms, and a rich and ever-expanding set of peripherals and communication alternatives. EMBLA hardware includes either a 4.3 or 7-inch color touchscreen, as well as an I/O-card and baseboard with an Imsys Velox microcontroller and IM3000 microprocessor.

The EMBLA baseboard can be used with other displays, and it is also a cost-efficient solution for IoT applications without a display. For higher volumes, Imsys offers a migration path – all the way to the IP – reducing unit cost while using the same application code.