Imsys classic Simple Network Application Platform (SNAP) module is a network-ready, Java-powered reference platform. It was originally developed as a multipurpose plug-in replacement for Dallas TINI™ embedded modules, and has 72 pin SIMM standard plugs that are compatible with most TINI™ socket boards.

SNAP Classic features a Java ME-CLDC runtime environment, certified by Sun Microsystems, to ensure simple and speedy software development. As stand-alone architecture, it is a perfect solution for quick prototyping and production when time to market is critical.

The SNAP Classic module offers easy access to the underlying hardware through a well-defined Java API, with native Java execution and efficient I/O for maximum throughput and high performance. Standard development tools with plug-and-play functionality over Ethernet (using Telnet and FTP) ensure a quick start right out of the box. It is also available with multiple interfaces.

SNAP’s flexible performance makes it an ideal option for remote control and data processing as well as managing everything from small sensors to advanced factory equipment.