The IT industry 

Imsys is a Swedish IT company. IT refers to activities that create solutions for information management – information technology. Sweden has many successful IT companies. Ericsson is the largest in telecom. Spotify and Klarna from recent times are also specialized in their areas.

In the early 1970s, great advances were made in computer technology with the development of semiconductors. A semiconductor is a controllable active component for logic functions. Through semiconductor development, we have created efficient microprocessors. Today we cannot do without them. They are present in all computers, they serve important functions in our society

Computer technology can be divided into computer programs and computers. Through computer programs, computers will perform various tasks, such as calculations, mediation of graphics or control and monitoring of large amounts of data.

Imsys´ business is focused on computers. The company designs and delivers solutions that meet the needs of Artificial Intelligence, AI, and the Internet of Things, IoT. AI is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with the human brain and mind. IoT refers to physical objects that contain technologies that exchange information over Internet and executes desired instructions.

The technology

Imsys´ processor technology meets the very strict requirements set to function in AI applications. Patents and microcode protect our technology. The solution is well-proven.
Microprocessors are found in all mobile phones, computers and smart sensors, and in a variety of other electronic devices. The microprocessor is the brain of the device.

Artificial intelligence is being used in more and more areas, not least automotive safety, transport and healthcare. The development constantly places new demands on the microprocessors that do the job. They must have a high computing capacity and at the same time be energy efficient.
Imsys solves the challenge by combining thousands of small processor cores. Thus, a very powerful processor can be built. This enables perfect adaptation to the needs of a variety of AI applications.
Imsys offers technology based on a proven processor core. Imsys´ microprocessors have flexible machine code instruction, which makes it possible to reprogram them and give them new instructions. In other words, they are recyclable. The processor design is unique, it is the result of radical innovation and responds with its low electricity consumption to contemporary demands for energy efficiency and sustainability thinking.

The market

Microprocessors for AI solutions are a very fast-growing market. It consists of old giants and start-ups. Imsys is one such niche player that offers new technology in the form of multi-core processors based on a well-proven processor core.

Demand for tailor-made microprocessors in the automotive industry is driven by strong market growth for self-driving vehicles. The development has recently been accelerated by the electrification of the car industry and the rapid digitalization.
The automotive industry sees in AI huge cost savings, safer vehicles and, by extension, fewer accidents. The automotive and transport sectors place very high demands on processors in terms of speed, power consumption, size and interface.
Imsys is the only niche player in the AI ​​market to offer scalable technology based on a proven processor core.

Flexible microprocessors are a key factor for the sustainable development of AI solutions also in healthcare and telecommunications. Imsys offers microprocessors that can be reprogrammed for several different types of use, enabling higher efficiency and faster development in AI. Demand for custom microprocessors is also driven by increased demand in:

  • Mobile applications
  • Big data and machine learning
  • Precision medicine
  • Medical image analysis

Imsys´ microprocessors are extremely energy efficient, but not compromise on computing capacity. This is possible since many small processor cores can be combined into a larger and more powerful microprocessor.

Customer interest

The competitive advantages of the technology are confirmed by a large customer interest, from a number of leading industrial companies.

The solution meets the market’s high demands while at the same time offering an attractive cost structure.

• Three giant industries with high-cost pressures – healthcare, telecommunications and vehicle safety and transport – demand a new type of microprocessor to take full advantage of AI. Interest in Imsys´ technology is confirmed:

  • A leading global car safety player has initiated a collaboration with Imsys.
  • A customer-financed evaluation project was completed in the autumn of 2019.
  • In telecom, an evaluation project is underway with a leading Scandinavian player.
  • In the field of security, an evaluation project focusing on biometric recognition is underway together with a leading provider of security solutions

Imsys provides a unique solution to the challenges of AI development, and it creates major competitive advantages.

Business case

The new, tough requirements that AI solutions set create very large market potential for efficient and energy-efficient microprocessors:

  • Imsys´ technology meets the requirements of the AI ​​industry in a cost-effective way.
  • Imsys´ microprocessors have unique features that make them exceptionally well-suited for both today’s and tomorrow’s AI solutions.
  • Imsys´ technology has a sustainable design that contributes to reduced energy consumption.
  • The patented technology creates opportunities for high and long-term revenues in three large markets that are developing at record speed.
  • Several customers confirm the benefits of the technology. Interest is expected to grow as AI development progresses.
  • Imsys offers an attractive art structure that makes the solution commercially viable