Information about the Board of Directors

Magnus Stuart, acting chairman of the board. Bachelor of Science in Finance and International Economics from The Stockholm School of Economics. Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology.

Magnus Stuart has a long and broad experience from management of public as well as private development companies in above all the high technology sector.

Other board assignments: Alnair AB, chairman of the board, Forensiq One ​​​​​​​​AB, chairman of the board; Interest Group AB, chairman of the board; Lawline AB, chairman of the board; Alnair Holding AB, board member; Chieftain Corporate Advisor AB, board member; Fastighetsbolaget Stångskär AB, board member: Investment AB Gröna Udden, board member; ProsMedic Sweden AB, board member; Terrex AB board member; Brf Sandberget 9, board member; Industrial Poetry AB, board member: Cyb-Tra-Safe AB, board member; Floki Minerals AB, board member.


Jonas WærnCEO, board member. Master of Science in Economics, University of Stockholm. Master of Science in Marketing Management, École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (ESSEC).

Jonas Wærn has spent 20+ years in semiconductor and technology industries focusing on international B2B sales. He has built sales organizations, overseen teams driving demand and owning product portfolios all over the world. He has had senior sales roles at Texas Instruments, Linear Technology (now ADI) and Referanza amongst other. His previous role was Vice President for HMI Solutions, later EMEA Sales, at Neonode.

Other board assignments: Certidoo AB, board member, Brf Harpan 26, chairman of the Board.


Bengt Edlund, board member.

Bengt Edlund has extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development of electronic systems on a global basis. During his 40 years in the semiconductor and HMI industry, he has held senior positions in large US-based companies as CEO. Bengt has startup experience in the field of semiconductor IP, sales PV inverters and in medical technology. His last assignment was with Neonode, where for seven years he managed direct and distribution sales, product management and business development for global customers such as HP, Samsung, Epson and Amazon.

Bengt Edlund has no other assignments.


Pelle Ekman, board member. Studies in Journalism, Journalisthögskolan i Stockholm (JHS), BSc in languages and political science at Linköping University.

Ekman has worked in the media and communications industry for 40 years, of which 30 years as a manager in both private and public activities in Sweden and abroad with vast experience from driving change processes. He has been on the editorial boards of Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet and TV4, and has been part of the management group for the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. Ekman is currently consultant for branding, web development and communications strategies.

Other board assignment: Ekman Victorin Media AB, chairman of the Board.