Around the globe, and particularly in developing nations, hearing loss continues to be a growing problem. In a country like India, for example, two out of every ten adults – or roughly 200 million people – suffer from some form of hearing loss.

Nevertheless, India accounts for just a tiny fraction of today’s global hearing aid market. Due to the price of traditional hearing aid technology, it remains out of reach in many of the places where it is needed the most.

Our technology is creating new possibilities for critical wearable medical devices like hearing aids. The high energy efficiency of Imsys’ lean solutions is a perfect fit for free-standing products that require a long battery life. And the application flexibility afforded by Imsys’ micro programmable functionality enables the development of affordable wearables for a larger consumer base than previously possible.

In high-volume markets like Asia, where the need for low-price hearing aid technology is steadily growing, these benefits are opening new doors for innovation.

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